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My Love For You
My love for you will alwayz be,
No mater the possibilities.
My love for you is alwayz strong,
No matter what I will never do you wrong.
My love for you is alwayz there,
No matter what I will alwayz care.
My love for you is deeper then the ocean,
For you all give all my devotion.
My love for you is higer than the sky,
For you are the sparkle in my eye.
You have showed me a love that I have felt at
See you are the one I will alwayz call . . .
My Love!


A Poem dedicated to a girl! 
Your'e the sparkle in my eye,
and when i think of you. I
want to cry,
I love you so much, can't you
God wants us to be...
Together for eternity.
Every night i dream of you...
In a place so
And when i'm alone in my cold
Your memories, smiles,
Laughs, and tears shed...
Run through my head.
I just wants you to know that
No matter how much i feel..
you alwayz be my~


I Know It's You
I know you're the one for me...
You opened my eyes when it was hard to see.
Nobody believes me but you alwayz do.
Baby I'm just thankful that i found you,
The way you smile at me ... makes me feel
good inside,
And when i'm with you i forget about my pride.
I'm sure that God sent you staight from above,
I'm so very thankful that it's me you love.
What would i do if you every left my side?
Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.
Baby I LOVE YOU and i know you do too.
No one will ever love you the way that i do.
Girl believe me my love is so true.
I'll be here for the longest of time,
I cherish you and
the fact that you're mine.
I truly know that you're hard to find.
We will be together till the end of time. 


Message From The Past
I strike with out fear,
I am an eagle warrior and for Aztlan I raise my spear.
I fight through fog and rain and when i'm injured i feel no pain.
My enemies are weak and they shall face defeat,
They will beg for their lives and our empire will rise.
It is the year of the sun and much will be done.
I will fight many battles and conquer new lands,
For my life is all part of some divine plan.
I do not fear death nor anyone else.
I am Azteca from the land Aztlan
Step to me once and your life is done.
I write these words to the future people of this land,
to let them know that we are not weak,
we are strong and those who dare face us will
not be around for long.


Brown Pride
When i look around me... at the things i see
I stand proud of who i am, mexicano and free.
Mi raza is growing... in kaps and bounds,
The barriers are braking, everywhere i see brown
There are talented latinos on the big screen,
Community minded leaders hitting the political scene.
Mi gente are in colegio... getting there degrees,
Going back into the barrio, education is the key.
We're serving in the military... being all that we can be,
Proving bravery in battle, keeping this country free.
Our ranflas are lowered, our t-shirt say
 Brown Pride.
Our clothing was first, they all want our style,
Been dressing like homies since grandpa was a child.
Proclaiming our religion for all the world to see.
La Virgin De Guadalupe on a banner before me.
Like Cuauhtemoc, Zapata and Chavez, who all fought for me,
I would rather die standing than ever live on my knees,
So look around me, and i say it out loud:
"Yo soy mexicano... I'm brown and proud.
Que Pasa?
You say you're really down for your Raza.
What does that mean?
Throwing chingazos is what it seems.
You say that you're brown and proud.
However, your action and behavior doesn't say it loud.
Legislation enacted trying to keep us down,
while you're out there killing another brown.
Instead of gaining adecent education,
you're out on the streets trying to earn a reputation.
I understand you're life has been extremely tough,
proving to your barrio that you were rough.
But look at the little vatos who look up to you.
Would you like them to experience what you went through?
Homies and esas dying all around,
attending their funerals to see them buried
6-feet underground.
All that just to gain a little bit of wealth,
you should know by now that gangbanging is bab for your health.
I'm sure you understand where you're headed at this rate.
Muerto or jail usually is a gangster's fate.
I'm not here to clown or talk any shit.
I, myself would like to give more than a little bit back to mi communidad while i'm in school,
Showing these gringos that we are not fools.
Here in high school, i'm trying to represent mi Raza.
Like i asked you before, Que Pasa?

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My Color
God made me brown
Color of my raza
God made me brown
Color of mexican women
God made me brown
Color of the Aztec warriors
God made me brown
To show the past of our ways
God made me brown
Not looking at color,
But looking at whats in the inside
God made me brown
To show the beauty thats within me
God made me brown
The color of royalty,
The color of faith
God made me brown
To show me no fear
And Finally,
God made me brown